Refrigeration Room Repair Services

Do you own or run a restaurant? Do you have a refrigerated storage facility, or are you in need of one? Our air conditioning services extend to the installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration facilities for units and rooms that need them.

It’s just one part of the great service we offer, but it’s trusted by London business owners in need of commercial refrigeration on a call-out basis.

In all of the areas we cover, our refrigeration unit repair and installation services put us head and shoulders above our competitors.

We’re fast, we’re efficient and we’re honest about our prices ensuring you never pay more than you need to.

We can fit units for large walk-in fridges and for food storage facilities, as well as refrigerated storage for anything that requires it. Refrigerated vans? Not a problem.

Contact us now to learn more about our commercial services, or to arrange an appointment for refrigeration unit fitting, maintenance or repair.

Brands we work with