Altherma systems

We can repair, install and maintain Altherma air conditioning systems, to provide energy efficient air conditioning that saves money and saves the environment. Altherma systems heat and cool using heat pump technology, and are a great alternative to a fossil fuel boiler.

Altherma systems minimise energy consumption and regulate temperatures for superior comfort and better energy prices. Read on for more information about Altherma systems and what we offer.

  • Monoenergetic system

    As its name suggests, a monoenergetic system provides almost all of your heating. The pump produces 90% to 95% of your heating, and a back-up system picks up the slack. The monoenergetic system is the most popular for commercial and domestic use, as an affordable choice to reduce running costs.

  • Monovalent system

    A monovalent air conditioning system provides 100% of heating, and is the perfect solution for domestic and commercial buildings in areas with moderate climates, where powerful heating may not be required. Monovalent systems have cost more to install and fit, but have very low energy consumption making them a perfect choice for an eco-friendly home.

  • Bivalent system

    A Bivalent system combines the power of a heat pump and a traditional fossil fuel boiler, and can be connected in series or parallel. Parallel systems rely on the boiler to provide all heating on particularly cold days, and series systems rely on a monoenergetic heat pump system with the boiler working as a back-up. Adding Altherma air conditioning to an existing fossil fuel boiler heating system can help to save money, and can optimise energy consumption for reduced bills.

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