Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning unit has broken down, we’re able to offer air conditioning repair that fits around your schedule. In and around London, we can provide emergency repair or schedule a repair to suit your busy work or home life. We can repair all major brands of air conditioning unit, and we’ll do it quickly and reliably. Of course, prevention is better than cure and we’re also able to provide air conditioning maintenance to ensure those unexpected breakdowns are less likely to happen.

Our installation, maintenance and repair services come at a very reasonable price, whether we’re needed for a big job or small. We can help with regular air conditioning maintenance, and with filter replacement and re-gassing. We can also replace now-illegal R22 gas with the effective alternative, R410A gas.

R22 gas is one of the UK’s most commonly used refrigerants, but is harmful to the atmosphere and a major factor in UK carbon emissions. It’s no longer legal to use R22 gas, though it can remain in units it currently exists in. We’ll replace R22 with R410A, which is more efficient and will save you money. Go green, get energy efficient and give your wallet a break by asking us to convert your air conditioning from R22 to R410A.

Our services cover all brands of air conditioning unit, for heating and cooling. We can repair after air con breakdown, and we can help to install efficient units for cold storage facilities and food production areas. We can also help solve the issue of air conditioning smelling bad. When air conditioning units start to smell, you could be detecting the disgusting scent of a backed-up sewer as methane gas is pumped through the system, or a burning smell from an electrical problem. You could smell the musty whiff of mildew and mold, or the smell of gas from the system. The smell of gas is an immediate emergency, and should cause you to leave your house immediately and to call a professional gas engineer. If you’d like us to look at another problem with a smell through your air conditioning, just give us a call.

We’re the professionals servicing air conditioning in London, and we offer air conditioning repair. London homeowners, landlords and property managers trust us to provide the services they need. Make us your choice for efficient, effective and affordable air conditioning services.

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